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About Us

Our Learning House, Inc. was established in 2004 to provide childcare workers with training online and in person. Our Learning House, Inc. now offers a variety of training, consultation and coaching to the childcare community, families and businesses. Our child care classes can be used for obtaining a new license, license renewal, new staff, staff development and continuing ed.

Our Team 
Our instructors have expertise in Nursing, Teaching (Early Childhood & Special Ed), Childcare, Health and Nutrition, Business Management and Accounting.  Trainers also have specialty training in Health and Safety, Mandated Reporter Training (Child Abuse), Inclusion Training, Behavioral Management, Montessori Certified, Child Development, Infectious Diseases, Child Care Inclusion Consultant,  Reading and CPR/first aid.

Shauna Small: MEd Curriculum & Instruction, BA in Psychology, Child Development (CDA) PD Specialist, Montessori Certified Teacher, Child Care Inclusion Consultant, Former NYS Health and Safety Trainer, NYS Mandated Reporter Trainer, CPR and First Aid Instructor.

Shelia Small: BSN in Nursing, NYS 
Registered Nurse, CPR and First Aid Instructor

Cordell Rigg: MS in Reading, BS in Early Childhood, NYS Certified Teacher, Reading Specialist

Sasha Small: AA in Business, NYS Mandated Reporter Trainer, CPR & First Aid Instructor

Christine DeSousa Small: BA in Business  & Marketing Management, CPR and First Aid Instructor

Donald Brown: MS in Early Childhood/Childhood Special/General Ed

Our Learning House, Inc. is committed to provide quality training and education to health and childcare professionals.


We offer training online, in person and over the phone. 

Our philosophy
One-size-fits-all approach will never help you reach your full potential, that is why we have customize training and consultation for our customers.

Our commitment 
When we work with you, we work as a team. We invest the time needed for you, to ensure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to do your job effectively